Structural Engineering

Between the skyscraper-filled New York City and the residential and prime vacation spot that is Suffolk County, lies a vast area that has been rapidly booming in terms of business development and residential market for the past recent years –Nassau County.

Nassau County is a suburban county that attracts many businesses and prospective homeowners from around the region, primarily due to its proximity to the Big Apple as well as easy access to different relaxation and recreational venues in the Suffolk County.

Another reason for its gaining popularity is the rapidly and the rising cost of doing business and regulatory hurdles in NYC.

With such an influx of new establishments and rise of residential properties in the area, people in Nassau start to realize they need an expert to ensure that their purchased properties are indeed worth their money and will be able to stand the test of time. And often times, these experts wear the title of professional and licensed structural engineers.

From office buildings and retail stores to co-op apartments and multi-family residences, structural engineers in Nassau County are tasked with the duty to ensure viable and safe structures that will help sustain the growth of the county. Read on as we discuss in this infographic the ways structural engineers in Nassau County help reshape this area from a mere gateway region to a prime commercial and residential destination in the state of New York.


  1. Property Condition Assessment

The importance of a property condition assessment (PCA) cannot be over-emphasized in the booming property market in Nassau County. A PCA is a due diligence process associated with commercial real estate and is aimed at helping the prospective buyer to make a sound investment decision.

With their knowledge in conducting a thorough PCA, structural engineers are commercial property investors’ first ally in starting a business in Nassau County. After the assessment, the buyer will have a complete view of the physical condition of the structure, the material systems, and components used, and physical deficiencies that must be addressed before they take over the ownership of the building.

  1. Compliance

As businesses and homeowners move from Suffolk County and New York City to Nassau County, the number of new owners eager to make structural changes to their purchased property has resulted in some overlooking one factor that could lead to very costly remediation: non-compliance.

One of the major reasons why structural engineers are becoming more important in Nassau County than ever is that many new property owners tend to make renovation projects that do not satisfy the local building codes and standards.

From ADA and ASTM 1527 to Energy Codes, and Fire Codes, structural engineers are well-versed in building code compliance that would help the property owners in Nassau avoid hefty fines and penalties.

  1. Context-Sensitive Solutions

Aside from residential and commercial properties, structural engineers in Nassau County can also help the county itself to build or enhance its existing roadways in a manner that fit the physical settings of the community and preserve the scenic, aesthetic historical, and environmental resources of the area, all while also improving the safety and mobility of the community members.

Called Context-Sensitive Solutions, this engineering methodology is used by structural engineers in many aspects of a building project, which may include:

  • Use of locally available materials
  • In the design phase, where the function of streets and roads are considered to improve access, speed, and mobility to the structure’s prospective occupants.
  • Improving the compatibility of the building’s driveway with the environment by using existing vegetation, finishes, and other features that accentuate the aesthetic appeal for the users, while providing environmentally friendly surroundings.
  1. Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy efficient establishments and houses are fast becoming a norm in New York City as well in some leisure areas in Suffolk County. To leverage the same trend, business owners and prospective homeowners could use the expertise of structural engineers in Energy Audit and Green Building.

LEED accredited structural engineers can assist Nassau County residents and business owners in choosing the ideal building materials and systems, as well as structural designs that would help minimize material waste, reduce carbon emissions, and most importantly cut cost in energy bills.

Aside from significant cost savings, residents and commercial businesses in Nassau County will also benefit from improved comfort, extended useful life of the heating and cooling systems, and better air quality inside their property.

In conclusion, professional structural engineers in Nassau County help ensure that building owners, homeowners, and the Nassau County government maintain properties that have the same standard as those built in more developed areas of New York.

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