Should You Have Your NY Home Inspected Before Putting Your House On the Market?

Should You Have Your NY Home Inspected Before Putting Your House On the Market?

Hiring a professional NY home inspector is a common practice among homebuyers in the Empire State. It’s a worthy investment that helps the buyer ensure that the property is free of any structural damage or pests before they move in. This assessment then allows them to make their final decision as to whether or not they want to purchase the property and negotiate for the price according to the findings detailed in the home inspection report.

However, it’s not only the home buyers that can retain the expertise of a home inspector but sellers as well. When done by a licensed professional engineer, a home inspection service can offer sellers a variety of advantages, all of which could help them sell their property more effectively.

Here’s how home sellers in New York could benefit from a detailed and thorough analysis of their property before they accept the offer from a potential home buyer.

  1. Uncover Deal Breakers Ahead of Time

When a seller decides to put their property on the market without having it inspected first, they run the risk of the buyer refusing to close the deal if the latter’s home inspector found some serious issues in the house.

Shoddy roofing, old plumbing, mold, and faulty wiring are common problems that are often found during a home inspection – all of which could potentially kill the sale.

By hiring a NY home inspection service, sellers in the Empire State can identify these hidden issues ahead of time and obtain an expert estimate of the repair costs. With this information, sellers can ultimately decide whether to get those problems fixed – or just disclose them to the buyer and lower the sale price accordingly.

  1. Save Money

In relation to the previous point, home inspectors can provide sellers with an expert estimate of all the repairs that the property requires. If major defects show up in the inspection report, the seller will have the time to find the best deal on home repairs and fix the issues themselves.

This then gives them a better chance of saving money as they will also be able to control the cost of repairs. Such an advantage eliminates the need for the sellers to take a price cut to get their property sold.

  1. Reduced Risk of Lawsuits

In any case that the seller decides not to fix the issues in exchange for lowering the sale price of their property, then they will have a duty to disclose these known defects to buyers. By letting the buyers know what problems they are getting when they choose to purchase the property, the seller will be able to protect themselves against claims the buyer might make later – which sometimes result in lawsuits.

  1. Demonstrate Goodwill

Lastly, a home inspection is a goodwill gesture that could impress potential buyers and is a key to a fast and smooth sale transaction. As the New York real estate market becomes a buyers’ market, initiating their home inspection can set the sellers apart from others as they demonstrate that they’re willing to invest in a home inspection to ensure that their residential property is structurally safe and sound for the new occupants.

With them being upfront about their property, they can give potential buyers peace of mind and confidence they need to sign the contract.

In conclusion, conducting a New York home inspection is not only beneficial for homebuyers but also for sellers. With their expertise, professional home inspectors can make sure that the seller’s property is in the best possible condition – and that a buyer can’t take advantage of the seller when problems are discovered during the post-offer inspection.

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