High Quality Home Inspection with Tauscher Cronacher Engineers

Equipped with licensed and well-trained Professional Engineers and Registered Architects, Tauscher Cronacher Engineers offers more tested technical expertise services than any other inspection firms in the Metro New York area. We are committed to quality and safety and therefore we conduct thorough home and building inspections and provide our clients with a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations.

We also conduct property inspection in accordance to the standards of the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers (NABIE) which is designed to ensure safety and address any deficiency or needed repairs of your home structure and systems. These include structural foundation, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, roofs, and exterior design.

Our approach is to provide homeowners with a detailed yet easy-to-understand documentation of our inspections to fully understand the integrity of their investment, types of current or developing issues that need to be addressed and their rationale, and feasible measures to solve these issues.

Residential Inspections in New York and Long Island

Like any investment, you check its origin, history, and quality to ensure that your hard-earned money will not put to waste. Purchasing a home is an investment. To be sure that your investment will maintain and improve its value over the years, a professional home inspection must be a significant part of the pre-purchase plan.

Through quality inspection, detailed strengths and weaknesses of the property will be identified. This allows you, the future homeowner, to be able to make money-saving decisions and avoid future expensive headaches.

Tauscher Cronacher Engineers can provide all the necessary services and assistance needed to deliver quality home inspections. Our experts will conduct a thorough home inspection and deliver a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report to give you comfort and peace of mind before settling to your new home. Our professional team will provide you with expert-based findings and recommendations to guide you in purchasing your new investment.

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