Comprehensive Property Condition Assessment

Tauscher Cronacher conducts a comprehensive Property Condition Assessment (PCA) service, observing due diligence which aims to help the owners and stakeholders of commercial real estate properties achieve maximized returns on their realty investments. Our professional team can provide the needed technical expertise and guarantees to generate all-inclusive Proper Condition Reports (PCR).

With decades of expertise in evaluating commercial properties’ physical condition, Tauscher Cronacher can guarantee that the output of our PCA will enable clients to execute the decision optimal for meeting their financial and business objectives.

The scope of our analysis and evaluations is focused on addressing the unique concerns and resilience of our clients towards such potential concerns. We give a list of existing deficiencies and identified problem areas together with estimated costs to provide an overview for our clients. We also provide a table of capital reserve requirements for longer-term preparation and planning. Specifically, we intend to help our clients understand the following priorities and specific requirements:

  • Property buyers and investors can use the PCA report to support funding for cash reserves or to discuss accountability for repair and replacement costs within purchase price agreement with the property seller.
  • Mortgage banks and lenders can utilize the Project Capital Needs Assessment report to maintain the structural and operational integrity, as well as the aesthetic value of commercial properties over the investment terms.
  • Stakeholders can consult the Capital Needs Assessment report to create more accurate business funding strategy and improve the operational efficiency of the organization.
  • Condominium, townhome, and homeowners’ associations may conduct Reserve Study to establish a funding plan for cash reserves and proper allocation of non-operating funds to major common elements in the community.

In compliance with ASTM 2018 and Standards and Poors, the PCR we deliver explains in detail the current condition of the structure and its components, which the property buyer and investors need to make a sound business decision. In addition to this, our PCAs and its corresponding reports can provide appropriate due diligence information related to the property’s physical conditions to help with real estate transactions. And to cater to your specific needs, we can also tailor-fit the reports based on your internal reporting policies and specific regulatory requirements.