For many people, the state of New York is one of the perfect places to settle down and start a family. Across the state, one can find a variety of residential dwellings to match their needs and preferences – from apartments to multi-family housing. However, one must be fast – not sure – when making offers, though, since the real estate market in New York has been very active for the past recent years.

We always recommend that homebuyers hire experienced, competent, licensed professional engineers to inspect a home before they buy. Still, some people choose not to do so. Maybe they hire someone with less experience or their Uncle Bob who always says, “You don’t need an engineer, you have me!” With that in mind, we now explain why New York home inspections should be avoided. It is a tongue-in-cheek view of home inspection.

In order to fast track the deal, any prospective buyer should just purchase the home right away without having it inspected by a professional.

To ensure that the property they are buying will drain their pockets due to repairs, potential buyers must not hire the expertise and skills of a professional home inspector. After all, buying the “dream house” in the Empire State and occupying it right away is more important than getting the real value of the money and the assurance and safety of the family, right?

A detailed and well-conducted New York home inspection can uncover many ugly, hidden issues which will just spoil the charm of a seemingly perfect home. If the plan is to waste money and compromise the safety of the family, then home inspection should be a big no-no!

Here are the other “benefits” one can gain if they refute the idea of getting a professional New York home inspection service:

New York Home Inspections Should be Avoided
Purchase The Home for Its Façade

Especially those living in or buying an old house, a home inspection may feel like a waste of time and money.

If the house has been standing for more than 50 years, having it undergo a thorough home inspection for hazardous structural problems like decaying foundations or leaking pipes and issues such as asbestos, radon gas, and outdated wiring systems that can cause a fire should not be prioritized. None of this really matters if the front yard is full of lilies and the exterior siding looks good at all angles, right?

Furthermore, a professional home inspection service can uncover the approximate age of structural components such as the roofing, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

By avoiding it, then there will be no need for the home buyer to worry about the immediate and future maintenance and replacement costs of those components, and they don’t have to endure the tedious tasks of getting the right insurance coverage or warranties for those systems.

Be at the Losing End of Negotiation

By avoiding home inspections, a homeowner or buyer will not only be able to expose their family to life safety risks, but they could also gain the power of negotiating for the house at a higher price.

Someone planning to purchase a house that is on the edge of their price range should not seek the help of a home inspector because they can help reveal structural issues which the buyer can use as a bargaining tool. It’s much wiser to purchase an overpriced house full of hidden damage than to spend some money and a day for a home inspection.

Shoulder All Repairs

Avoiding home inspection will not only help a potential buyer to purchase a money-pit house, but they will also definitely enjoy spending every cent of their savings for all the repairs necessary to make their new home safe for occupancy.

Avoiding home inspection means that the buyer can immediately occupy the house and the seller can happily walk away with their sweet money – forever thankful for the buyer for not hiring an expert who could have revealed all the “dirty secrets” that their former residential property hides.

Enjoy Illegally Installed Additions and Renovations

Who would not want to have remodeled kitchen, expanded backyard, or a renovated basement, especially if they are illegally installed and did not follow local building codes? A redone master bath suite with faulty wiring and leaking pipes hiding beneath the floor and inside the walls, anyone?

What’s exciting about these illegal additions and renovations is that they give the homeowner the extra challenge of not receiving any insurance money in case a fire happens due to faulty electrical work. More significantly, if they decide to sell the house in the future, then they would certainly find joy in facing lawsuit once the new owner found that those additions and renovations were completed without a permit!

In conclusion, a homeowner or a potential home buyer should avoid the expertise of professional home inspector at all costs if they intend to live in a house that will give them financial headaches and expose their family to potential life safety risks as long as they own it.

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