Professional Engineers in New York

From the historic Art Deco skyscrapers, Empire State Building, and Chrysler Building; to postmodern structures such as One World Trade Center and Bank of America Tower – New York City is indeed a smorgasbord of both old and modern engineering and architectural marvels.

For over a century, the State of New York has been widely known for its colossal historical structures, with the majority of them concentrated in the boroughs of New York City. Not only are these structures aesthetically pleasing to look at, but they also feature interesting engineering tricks that have incidentally made them “stand out” among the rest. The iconic exterior of  the Empire State Building, for instance, was engineered not to make a unique-looking façade, but to achieve compliance with zoning law – to allow some sunlight to reach the streets underneath the skyscraper.

But even though there are already millions of buildings in the Big Apple, more and taller commercial structures are still being constructed year after year to meet the commercial space needs of the city.

In fact, according to the Active Major Construction Map by Department of Buildings, there are 329 active permits for new commercial buildings across all five boroughs in the city – with 500 West 33rd Street being the most expensive and biggest development according to square footage.

How Do Professional Engineers Helps New York Building Owners?

In order to ensure and maintain the overall structural soundness of these new and old buildings, New York licensed professional engineers are often called in to assess these structures and address the specific points of concern to the building’s key stakeholders.

Faulty electrical wiring, plumbing issues, defective HVAC systems, and improperly installed roofs are just a few of the common structural problems that licensed professional engineers in New York help identify and assess – which ultimately help building owners to operate more sustainably in the long run.

One proof that shows the critical role that professional engineers in New York play in keeping commercial buildings operationally sustainable are the energy efficiency retrofit projects in some of the tallest commercial buildings in the city that are being spearheaded by them.

As a result of such a collaboration between professional engineers and building owners to achieve a more efficient energy consumption, New York was ranked 2nd among the states by the U.S. Green Building Council in terms of the most number of LEED registered and certified buildings in 2017.

Should New York Homeowners Hire a Professional Engineer?

While the state of New York is more known for its colossal structures, millions of residential dwellings can also be found across the state. Family houses, hotels, dormitories, condominiums, cooperative apartments, and homeowners associations all thrive across the state, with more residential structures being built all the time.

According to statistics, there are over 7.6 million residential units in New York, with a large majority of them already standing for over 50 years. These old New York houses, along with the newly-built ones must also be inspected from time to time to ensure that any life-safety structural and construction defects are identified and remediated before they escalate into larger issues.

Furthermore, by hiring a professional engineer to inspect their property, New York homeowners will also be able to ensure that their homes can withstand the extensive rainstorms and strong hurricanes frequent in the region. When summer comes, professional engineers can also help New Yorkers to beat the heat and make their house more energy efficient through conducting a Home Energy Audit.

In conclusion, licensed professional engineers in New York are homeowners’ and building owners’ best ally when it comes to ensuring the overall structural reliability and maximizing the long-term performance of their properties.

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