Assistance for Insurance Services

With years of proven expertise in assessing building systems, Tauscher Cronacher can provide property owners and facility managers with professional opinions when dealing with insurance claims. With our roster of licensed professional engineers, clients can determine the root of deficiency, use the most feasible solutions, formulate sound repair estimates, create all necessary contract documents, and provide just and reliable testimonies on the court when obliged.

While Tauscher Cronacher does not have the legal authority to decide which defects should be covered by the insurance company, we guarantee reliable expert opinions as to why the failure took place and what are the feasible solutions to address it.

Some of the defects typically we typically check for insurance coverage are:

  • The site and structural defects due, but not limited to ground subsidence, cracking of the foundation, drainage issues, and water leakage.
  • Mechanical issues such as comfortability concerns, poor indoor air quality, increased energy expenses.
  • Electrical systems problems, including circuit overload, electrical surges, electrical shocks, and other defects that increase safety hazards in the building.
  • Poor accessibility design (i.e. ADA compliance).

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