There are so many articles out there instructing would-be homebuyers on how to buy the right house. Anyone can buy the right house! Here is an informative piece on how to buy the wrong house. Just because it is likely the largest purchase most people make, that’s no reason to agonize over every little thing. Take it from Forbes, between rising home costs, low inventory and the prevalence of all-cash offers: It’s not a great time to buy the right house; so, buy the wrong house!

Moreover, the financial commitment of a down payment and a 30-year (or more) mortgage is a wonderful experience too—especially if the purchased house turns out to be nothing but a money pit.

Finding a house in the expected price range is fortunate, and though it may be tempting to inspected by the professionals to make sure it is not a money pit in the long run, it is better to make an offer without delay. Uncovering a house’s hidden issues is the best way to turn a dream home into a nightmare. Better not to know all the problems that come with the dream house!