Home Inspectors on Long Island Do Great Work in the Winter, Too

Home Inspectors on Long Island Do Great Work in the Winter, Too

It’s winter season once again on Long Island, which means that most homeowners are looking for ways to keep their homes warm and cozy. However, staying comfortable and warm this cold season also means that all the components related to the heating and ventilation of the house have to work harder to fight off the bone-chilling weather.

Keeping the HVAC system up and running day and night can be extremely costly, though, so it’s important that it functions efficiently. Different factors can affect the efficiency levels of an HVAC system, including its maintenance history, condition of the air filter, the thermostat settings, the home’s insulation levels, and leaks in the ductwork.

Of these factors, the insulation levels and the potential leaks existing the ductwork of the house are the hardest to detect. When these are not determined as soon as possible, a home will suffer from heat loss, which leads to an inefficient heating system, and therefore, higher heating bills.

To achieve efficient home heating and reduced energy costs this winter, homeowners must seek to improve the energy efficiency of their house, which can be done by hiring a seasoned Long Island home inspector. Fortunately, finding a great home inspector this time of the year is much easier, as the real estate market is less active, and there are fewer home buyers that retain their home inspection services.

Why is Home Energy Efficiency Testing During Winter Ideal?

One of the most interesting reasons to think about home inspection during the winter season revolves around energy efficiency. When the weather is warm, it is difficult to determine whether or not the house heating system is efficient. Air drafts coming out of vents don’t feel as intense, and cold spots are harder to detect throughout the house as they dissipate faster due to hot weather.

The difference between the freezing temperatures outdoors and cozy temperature indoors also plays a key role as to why energy efficiency is ideal during the winter season. The thermographic scanners that are used to see thermal patterns in a structure can detect heat loss more efficiently – vividly displaying on the screen where the heat escapes and cold air enters. The chances of obtaining such accurate thermographic readings are reduced when the indoor and outdoor temperatures are similar. Once the winter season starts and indoor temperatures are warmer, air leaks and energy loss reveal themselves.

What Are the Benefits of Home Energy Efficiency Testing?

According to studies, as much as half of U.S. household energy use goes to heating and cooling. With the ever-increasing cost of electricity, it’s imperative for Long Island homeowners to know whether their home is performing efficiently, especially during the winter season.

Here are just a few of the benefits that can be enjoyed after a professional Long Island home inspector conducts a successful home energy efficiency testing:

  • Provide the homeowners with a complete picture of their property’s energy performance.
  • Identify insulation and air sealing improvements that can help the homeowners save money over time.
  • Complete a combustion safety test which not only shows the efficiency level of the fuel-burning heating appliances but also determines if those appliances are emitting poisonous carbon monoxide gas into the home.
  • Obtain recommendations about energy-saving products and materials such as programmable thermostats, modified atmosphere insulation panels, insulated vinyl siding, and vacuum glass windows, among others.
  • Obtain a report with a list of recommendations, estimated costs to install new equipment, saving estimates, and other strategies that homeowners can implement to improve their home energy efficiency further.
Why Hire a Long Island Home Inspector this Winter Season?

While Long Island homeowners can perform a Do-It-Yourself home energy audit, it is important to understand that this undertaking is not just about comparing the previous and current monthly utility bills. Rather, it takes the expertise of a professional and licensed home inspector to ensure a successful home energy efficiency assessment.

Aside from their expertise and experience in energy efficiency testing, home inspectors in Long Island also have the technology, such as thermographic scanners, to conduct an accurate assessment. They can also create an actionable plan to make the home more comfortable and cozy to live in not only in winter but all year round.

By hiring a Long Island home inspector to conduct a detailed home inspection this winter, homeowners can make the necessary adjustments, which can result in significantly lower electric bills and a more energy-efficient home in the long run.

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