Reliable Facility Management

It is paramount that a business’s facility is maintained in optimal condition in order to reduce or prevent the exposure of the employees to health and safety hazards.

When the office complex, on-site and off-site physical resources, and structural, mechanical, and electrical components are all assessed and evaluated regularly by a licensed professional, the key stakeholders of the business can use reliable corporate real estate data which can help them establish an accurate capital budget allocation, utilize the facility at a more optimal level, and ensure the efficiency of the structure for the long term.

Tauscher Cronacher’s Facility Management Services brings the following benefits to business real estate owners:

  • More streamlined evaluation of capital assets and large expenses which ensures more accurate ROI calculations.
  • A dependable method to gather precise and unbiased information about the overall physical condition of the facility and its components.
  • More systematic qualitative and quantitative data are gathered which are crucial to justify that the capital planning decisions are in line with the organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Utilize project planning tools to ensure the cost-effectiveness of maintenance efforts and efficiency of the purchasing process.
  • Have a central database to make current facility condition and management cost data more accessible to key stakeholders.
  • Leverage innovative yet feasible solutions that can cater to specific target timeline and budgetary requirements of the client.
  • Have a reasonable basis for prioritizing maintenance and improvement projects on particular facilities.

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