To ensure a smooth property turnover process, most Long Island potential home buyers and sellers retain the expertise of a professional engineer to conduct a thorough inspection of their property.

However, residential home inspection is more than just a task to check off in a to-do list when buying or selling a house. While home inspection can definitely help ensure a fair sales transaction, the most important reason for performing such an examination in any residential property is to ensure the safety and health of its inhabitants.

According to 2017 survey by National Association of Realtors, results from home inspections are the top real estate deal killer, and is also the in the top three causes of delayed settlements. Furthermore, most of those deal-killing inspection results that were reported by realtors turned up legitimate defects that could have put the life of the occupants at risks, such as rusty basement columns, too few vent pipes, and outdated wiring.

Read on as we discuss in this infographic the ways professional engineers help Long Island residents protect their life, health, and property through a well-executed home inspection service.

Are Long Island Homes Safer Because Of Long Island Home Inspections

Reveal Foundation Issues

Depending where on Long Island the home stands, it may settle more than it should and that can cause structural issues particularly in the foundation. When foundation problems are left untreated, massive damage to the overall property can result in the long run.

Although this type of structural damage can be corrected, major foundation issues could require significant repairs, which when not identified by a home inspector early, can plague the home with more structural issues such as leaning chimneys, sinking porches, and sagging crawl space floors.

It is imperative for Long Island homeowners to engage the expertise of a professional structural engineer if they come across any signs of foundation issues in order to assess the extent of the damage. With their specialized knowledge in structural analysis, they will be able to provide an expert opinion about the potential safety risks that the issue presents, as well as recommend actions that the homeowner can take to remediate the issue as soon as possible.

Detect Dangerous Wiring Problems and Faulty Appliances

Another potential life hazard in a residential property is the risk of fire from improper wiring, malfunctioning appliances or old panels. According to U.S. Fire Administration, electrical malfunctions such as short circuits and wiring problems is the 3rd leading cause of residential fires.

Worn or frayed appliance cords, receptacles, and switches can send heat onto combustible surfaces like floors, curtains, and rugs that can start a fire. Likewise, light bulbs installed with a wattage too high for the lamps can also lead for material around them to heat up and ignite.

By hiring a professional home inspector, such examples of outdated or faulty wiring can be identified, and the risk of electrical fire will be reduced.

Uncover Faulty HVAC System and Insulation

A licensed Long Island home inspector can also take a look at the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system of a home to ensure that it is functioning properly. A faulty HVAC system can pose several health risks, with carbon monoxide poisoning being the most dangerous of all. This life-threatening issue is often caused by damaged health exchanger on old furnaces, which most homeowners are unaware of until a professional home inspector sees and verifies it.

Licensed home inspectors also take a look at the ductwork and insulation in the home when checking the HVAC system. Inspecting these elements can also help reveal if the house has damaged asbestos insulation in its old furnaces. Asbestos is a microscopic mineral fiber, which can pose several health risks including lung cancer.

Engaging a professional home inspector provides Long Island homeowners with the expertise they need if there is any asbestos insulation that must be removed or whether there is any faulty insulation that must be addressed.

Expose Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues, though may seem easy to spot and repair, are one of the most dangerous house defects that can lead to both structural damage and health problems in the household. Home water damage often results in moisture problems in places that are not easy to see, such as inside the walls. If this issue is not spotted and properly fixed immediately, the result will be a dangerous mold – which can cause asthma and many other serious health problems, even death.

Professional Long Island home inspectors help expose this dangerous health risk and identify if the root of the problem is from the home’s plumbing system or from other structural issues such as damaged foundation or a leaky roof.

A thorough and well-executed home inspection done by a professional engineer is invaluable as it is the first step any homeowners can take to protect the well-being of their family. Even if Long Island homeowners think that their home is safe, a home inspection service can reveal some hidden, minute defects that can be remediated before they turn into more life-threatening issues.

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