Tauscher Cronacher Professional Building Inspection Services – Long Island and New York For a hassle-free and smooth execution of home and building projects, be sure to choose reliable experts. We at Tauscher Cronacher & Associates can provide prompt and comprehensive home and building inspection services anywhere in the Metro New York area. Our company created the Home Inspection in 1957 and contracts only highly-trained licensed Professional Engineers and Registered Architects.

Why Hire Us?

  1. We guarantee quality service to our clients. Tauscher Cronacher ensures that we meet the client’s need with the highest quality of service following the New York State Home Inspection guidelines and the National Association of Building Inspection Engineers guideline of thorough and detailed home and building inspections.
  2. Our professional team is highly-trained and current in all licensing. The engineers and architects of Tauscher Cronacher are professionally licensed with vast experience in home and building inspections (mechanical and structural).
  3. We deliver Comprehensive Easy-to-Understand Narrative Reports. We prepare comprehensive narrative reports which are submitted on time and in an easy-to-understand format; not a generic computer print out.
  4. We provide free follow up assistance. Our team is always available to assist to our clients’ with after-report inquiries and clarifications at no cost.
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Huntington, New York 11743