Comprehensive Property Condition Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive Property Condition Assessment (PCA) service, observing due diligence, to meet the realty portfolio objectives of commercial estate owners, managers, institutional investors, or investment bankers. Our professional team can provide the needed technical expertise and guarantees to deliver comprehensive, detailed, and high-quality Property Condition Reports (PCR).

Although we do not specialize in any one variety of Property Condition Assessment, we at Tauscher Cronacher Engineers leverage our broad range of expertise to each assignment to guaranty the most effective and appropriate outcome.

The scope of our analysis and evaluations is focused on addressing the unique concerns and resilience of our clients towards such potential concerns. We give a list of existing deficiencies and identified problem areas together with estimated costs to provide an overview for our clients. We also provide a table of capital reserve requirements for a longer term preparations and planning. Specifically, we intend to help our clients understand the following priorities and specific requirements:

  • Investors may use a Property Condition Assessment to include reserves in budget preparation or to negotiate with the sellers.
  • Financiers or lenders can use a Project Capital Needs Assessment in order to preserve the caliber of housing over the investment terms.
  • Corporate owners and groups might include Capital Needs Assessments in developing accurate budgets or funding as well as priorities for their streamline operations.
  • Community Associations may require a Reserve Study for the proper allocation of non-annual expenses for property owners.

Our PCRs include detailed information about the property’s structure and components which are vital in making investment and financial decisions. Likewise, the said reports comply with, and most of the time, exceed industry standards particularly the ASTM 2018 and Standards & Poors. In addition to this, our PCAs and its corresponding reports can provide appropriate due diligence information related to the property’s physical conditions to help with real estate transactions. And to cater to your specific needs, we also offer customized or abbreviated PCRs and formats.