Diagnosis and Evaluation

Often times certain house or building problems arise which require expert analysis and evaluation of a Licensed Professional. This is the perfect time to turn to Tauscher Cronacher. Our professional team is well versed in diagnosing and identifying existing and probable problems to help understand the cause and feasible solutions to address such problems. Our inspections are done by licensed Professional Engineers and Registered Architects to guarantee objective and comprehensive findings. Make sure that our recommendations are doable, affordable, and based on expert understanding to properly address each and every existing and potential problems. We want to help our clients to avoid spending huge amount of financial resources because of unnecessary repairs or overlooked problems in the future.

Repair Design

Foundations or framings are essential parts of the house or dwelling. Thus if it shows signs of structural weakness (i.e., cracks or unevenness), an expert advice from a professional engineer is immediately needed to rehabilitate the structural integrity of your house. We can design a comprehensive and cost-effective measures based on your needs. We are a licensed Professional Engineer firm whose signatures and seals are accredited by the state and local government. Our team will also provide you the necessary assistance for you to better understand the nature and cause of the problems and to develop proper measures and plan to solve the same.

Builder Services

We also provide third party quality assurance and risk management services for new home builders and contractors. For more details and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.