Client-Oriented Reserve Study

Reserve Study is conducted by community association as well as condominium owners and cooperatives as part of budget planning and allocation. Through this study, current and future expenses for repair and maintenance of common areas are identified. This helps owners and association to forecast the needed financial resources for budget allocation and funding. A Reserve Study performed by a qualified professional combines both the actual physical analysis of the property and a reasonable and detailed cost estimates for the foreseen repairs.

At Tauscher Cronacher Engineers, reserve studies are carried out in agreement with the National Reserve Study Standards of the Community Associations Institute and in conformance with the American Institute of CPA’s Guidelines. Likewise, we offer a proprietary Enhanced Reserve Study to cater to your needs.

Our Reserve Study can also be customized to meet the specific requirements set by your community association. Additionally, we can provide you with solutions and strategies to optimize your reserve funding.

To know more about our Reserve Study services, please see the links below:

Full Reserve Study

Enhanced Reserve Study

Updating of Current Reserve Study with Site Visit  


Enhanced Reserve Study

With our Enhanced Reserve Study, we conduct a more in-depth analysis of each Reserve Components during our field inspection. We also provide recommendations for ongoing maintenance of all systems including condition evaluation for each system. Options for improvements, enhancements and need for compliance with newly-enacted regulations will also be provided.

Our Enhanced Reserve Study comes with a complete Property Condition Report wherein each building or property system is carefully evaluated and documented. This also includes analyses for site and grounds, amenities, structural systems, roofs and siding, mechanical; electrical; and plumbing systems, common interiors, life safety, etc.

Compared to the standard Reserve Study, benefits to be gained availing the Enhanced Reserved Study are as follows:

  • Comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the actual conditions of all building systems
  • Ongoing assistance from professional engineers
  • Well documented data to help manage the property
  • Access to reliable financial analysis and doable funding options
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